Day in the Life of a Child Care Center Director

An early morning start (sometimes as early as 6:30am), engaging with parents and children, running financial reports, collecting tuition payments, providing teacher support, and making sure the facility is a clean and safe environment is all in a day’s work for the Director of a child care center. 

Julie Davoren writes in in her article The Primary Responsibilities of a Day Care Director, that ‘they [day care directors] manage the facility’s spending and income. They process payroll, track vendor invoices, pay utility bills, reconcile bank statements and they must strike appropriate caregiver-to-attendee ratios.’

Trying to complete these tasks, sometimes on a daily basis with multiple interruptions, can prove difficult and sometimes frustrating. This includes incident reports, staff running late or out sick, collecting tuition weekly, marketing and giving tours to potential new parents, and trying to get the monthly finances in order for payroll and other operating expenses.  It often leaves the possibility of having little to no time to interact with the children of their center. The very reason they likely went into the early childhood education profession. 

SmartCare child care management software and mobile apps help ease the responsibilities for a director by having all their child level and center level data available at their fingertips. Just think how easy and efficient it would be to have a real-time, big picture overview of what is happening at a center on a custom dashboard loaded onto a tablet.  That is the revolutionary change SmartCare is bringing to the industry.

No longer do center directors have to sit behind a computer, hidden in their offices for most of the day, trying to piece together pertinent information to run their center most efficiently and within state compliance laws.  Going from classroom to classroom to get updated ratios as children are picked up towards the end of the day is a thing of the past.  Real-time views and alerts through SmartCare’s custom dashboard let them know when their rooms are out of ratio and they can take steps right away to rectify that. 

SmartCare’s software platform makes handling these and other daily concerns a breeze. Free tablets provided to the center allow a director to see all of this and manage them as they happen, in real-time. Alerts they can personalize to fit their needs.  Reporting and Financials are integrated with Intuit Quickbooks. SmartCare is the only company in the industry who can say that. 

SmartCare is leading the way to the new standard for the child care industry, and SmartCare strives to make the director’s job easier and more efficient, while creating more time in their day-to-day schedule so they can get back to interacting with the children of their child care center.