To Be A Kid Again…Adult Preschool?

Don’t we all just want to be a kid again? Going to preschool and living life carefree? Even if only for a day or two? Please raise your hand if you do!


We all secretly long for the days when we used to settle down for “nap time,” “go out and play,” and “go on field trips.” I remember those days fondly. Well, now it seems we can relive some of those past glories no matter what the age!

This Woman Has Started A Preschool For Adults, Complete With Finger Painting And Nap Time.” 

It seems that the only adult preschool so far is in Brooklyn, New York, but I know this would be a smashing success in any major city. Who wouldn’t want to escape from the adult world of professional work, paying income taxes, and understanding every joke in a Pixar movie, and trade that in for jungle gyms, sandboxes, getting an allowance, and finger painting one or two days a week? I know I would. Maybe I am a finger painting Picasso whose genius has been laying in a dormant state for decades now? (I guarantee jaws will drop at the next “show-and-tell.”)

With no adult preschool available in the Las Vegas area, it looks like I am resigned to an adult life. Oh well, I guess I will just have to continue to report to work, day in and day out, slaving away on SmartCare’s child care management software. We strive to make child care center owners’, directors’, and teachers’ lives better through our platform. Our software provides child care centers with a more efficient (and free to the centers!) management software solution, allowing directors and teachers to spend less time with administrative work and more time with the children.

While I may have given up the carefree and fun-filled life of a child, I am now working diligently to help those who serve children. And that is all I ever wanted to be when I “grow up.”

--Trevor Hewitt, SmartCare Team Member