Tales from the Road: Video Edition

Now that I am back out on the road, I’ve started thinking about different blog posts I can write to share the experiences that I face on a daily basis while traveling across the country meeting with child care centers. One of the first thoughts I had was about my blog post, “5 Ways to Increase Your Child Care Center’s Social Media Marketing,” and how maybe it was time to put some of my ideas to use. I’ve talked about ways to build up social media for marketing your child care center, but I haven’t done anything on our side to show you an example. In that spirit, I decided to get creative and test my skills. The best way to showcase my life on the road… is through a video.

Over the past few weeks I have been all over the country showing off SmartCare’s child care software: California, Utah, Nevada, North Carolina, Maryland, DC, Virginia and Pennsylvania. I have taken hundreds of photos of skylines, hotel rooms, child care centers, people in my meetings, and of course, I have taken my share of selfies. Typically, I keep these photos for my close friends and family, but I feel like the child care centers I have visited over these past few weeks have become my East Coast family. I check in with them while traveling and love hearing from them on a routine basis. I wanted to share a piece of this with each of you.

So, I hope that you enjoy watching this small piece of my travels but know that it doesn’t begin to showcase the amount of information I have learned on the road. Not only have I learned about the business of child care and the ins and outs of child care management software, but I have also learned the secrets to getting aisle seats on the plane and the best places to eat in almost every airport. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or tweet us @smartcare.