/Sign-Out & Payment Processing As One System

Running two preschools is an honor. To assist families in raising their children is a heavy responsibility I take seriously. In mid 2014, we experienced a very unfortunate event. A trusted director was revealed as being not worthy of that title. One afternoon, a teacher asked to speak privately with me. She seemed very distraught. As I pleaded with her to tell me what was troubling her, she confessed that the center director had been telling her to lie about a child attending the school. The director commanded the teacher that whenever I came to visit her classroom to make sure I do not see the child in question because otherwise I would find out that the child is attending.

I was shocked. Was she hiding other children? Did the other teachers know? As I continued my conversation with the teacher, I was informed that some of the other teachers knew and they were afraid to confess to me. I fired the director the next morning.

This was a good lesson for me because I learned that I can’t trust everyone. I should have compared the sign-in sheets to the tuition payments more thoroughly, but I didn’t. I should have discussed things with the teachers more, but I didn’t. I probably should have done a lot of things differently, but I didn’t. I guess I would like to think that people working with children, especially when they are your childhood friend, would have a higher standard of morals, but that unfortunately is not always the case.

When this happened, I decided I needed to have a tighter grasp on the daily ins and outs of the school. I took over the tuition process and discovered more loopholes, which the previous director used to her own gain.

This is essentially what she did: She did not list some children whose parents paid cash on the tuition worksheet, so she could pocket the cash. She also fudged the sign-in sheets so there was no record of them attending the school. She tried to manipulate the teachers into participating in her schemes, but thankfully she tried with the wrong person.

I really like the idea of SmartCare’s child care software program because it leaves less room for human error, intentional or not. Mainstreaming sign-in and sign-out, and tuition payment processing in one platform will be such a help in preventing (hopefully uncommon) things like this from occurring.

– Preschool in Downey, CA