Mobile Child Care Software for Parents, Teachers and Directors Makes Staying Connected Easy

Today, SmartCare released its plans for “SmartCare: Beyond Beta,” a PDF available for its beta customers and special invited guests. “SmartCare offers a treasure trove of features that child care centers have been clamoring for over the past few years,” said Kris Murray, America’s foremost child care business coach.  Her book, The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide, is available through Amazon here.

SmartCare is helping child care centers of all sizes contribute meaningful results in the areas of: reporting, accounting, payment processing, communicating, scheduling and more.  Our vision is to provide technology (both mobile and web-based) to every participant in the ecosystem of child care, without any cost to the child care center.  To improve the experience of the parent and teacher, SmartCare has spent 18 months developing apps for these specific users – in addition to the director and owner (the users most child care software companies spend 100% of their time on).

To find out more and request your copy of the “SmartCare: Beyond Beta” PDF today.  Contact Us via email or at 844-SMARTER.