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Hi there, we’re SmartCare - Child Care Management. Nice to meet you.

SmartCare is the child care management solution you have been waiting for. We are launching this year to improve the lives of child care providers nationwide. We have a simple belief: Less time with computers means more time with children.  More time with children means a better future for our country.

SmartCare offers child care providers with the tools they need and want to make one of the toughest jobs in the world easier. We devoted millions of dollars to solve the biggest challenges child care providers face.  We empower providers to do their job better.  We are their partner, co-pilot, and advocate.

Whether you’re using Procare, EZCare, DayCare Works, or something homemade, we think you deserve smarter, better child care management software to help your business run at its best. Want to learn more? Check out our website today.